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 With 20 years experience, we have been carrying out DPF replacement & repairs longer than anyone in the UK.

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About Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Almost all diesel cars built after 2006 have a Diesel Particular Filtration (DPF) fitted within the exhaust to help reduce the amount of soot released into the atmosphere.If the car is used for short, low speed journeys, soot can build up in the DPF blocking the filter. Longer journeys with higher speeds are usually all that is required to clear the build-up however if this is not maintained, again the blockage can occur. At this point, the cars management system can put your car into “limp home mode”, or a warning light may appear on the dashboard and the car will need mechanical repair. Main dealers will simply fit a new DPF trap which can cost upwards of £1000.You will have a better free flowing exhaust system due to the thorough clean which will potentially restore power, better fuel consumption and eliminate your DPF problems.

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